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Crosley Record Storage Crate & THE BEATLES RUBBER SOUL - VINYL ALBUM Bundle

Crate and Vinyl Pack, the best way to start your very own Vinyl Collection! 'Rubber Soul' was the sixth studio album by the Beatles. It was recorded in just over four weeks to make the Christmas market, was produced by George Martin, and was released on December 3, 1965. 180gm vinyl remaster of this classic Beatles release! Unlike the five albums that preceded it, 'Rubber Soul' was recorded during a continuous period, whereas the group had previously recorded albums during breaks in between tour dates or other projects. After this, Beatles albums would be made without the burden of other commitments, except for the production of short promotional films.
Crosley Record Storage Crate Go crate-digging through your own collection with Crosley’s rustic wooden record crate. Fire-branded with the iconic Crosley logo this lightweight crate gives plenty of room to fill it with precious LPs. Product Features Integrated Carry Handles, Holds approximately 75 albums & Finished In Solid Wood