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INVISIBLE CIRCUS, THE: Cameron Diaz, Jordana Brewster DVD NEW

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It is the late 1960's and the world is changing - revolution is in the air and freespirited hippy Faith O'Connor (Cameron Diaz) wants to experience life to the full. 

She leaves her comfortable middle class home and embarks on a reckless voyage of discovery that will take her to Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and finally Portugal. And that is the last time that her family hears from her. 

Now 6 years later, Faith's younger sister, Phoebe, (Jordana Brewster) decides to follow in her footsteps - retracing each dramatic episode in her life to try and put the puzzle of her disappearance together. 

But what she uncovers will rock her very existence - who was the sister she thought she knew?...What trouble was she really involved in? And what really happened on that lonely Portuguese cliff? 

The Invisible Circus is an evocative, mysterious and emotionally powerful journey through the lives of two women - one obsessed with the past and one trying to understand the future. 

From the producer of "Quills", "Antitrust" and "Fifteen Minutes", the director of "Almost You" and also starring Christopher Eccleston (The Others), Blythe Danner (Meet The Parents) and Patrick Bergin (Eye Of The Beholder).




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