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PICKMASTER Plectrum / Pick Cutter w/ Built in Sander NEVER PAY FOR GUITAR PICK Again!

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Free Guitar Picks For Life!

Tired of losing picks and paying too much to replace them? Personalise your playing by making your own plectrums with the Pickmaster. This cunning tool not only recycles packaging and safely destroys old cards, it will also save you time and money. Pickmaster is essential to any guitarists kit bag. Cuts plastic up to 0.8mm thick.

The Pickmaster® is now even better. Pickmaster Precision is not only sleeker in appearance but it is stronger than ever before. Maintaining the same impressive weight, the zinc and stainless steel handles have been sculpted to make it easier to grip and an improved circlip fastening replaces the rivet to provide a smoother cutting action. With an new and improved cutter head, the Precision is capable of easily and accurately cutting soft plastics up to 1mm thick.
Not only does the Pickmaster® Precision recycle an otherwise surplus material, its will save you heaps of money too. Never pay the extortionate price of a shop bought plectrum again.
Whether your busking, gigging or just jamming, the Pickmaster® Precision is a must have guitar accessory!

To use: Slide old plastic card or packaging into the Pickmaster, line up cutting area through the hole in the top, squeeze grip and hey presto, your very own plectrum! Simply strum for a few minutes with your new pick to remove any rough edges

Dimensions: 3.9cm x 16.1cm x 10.5cm.