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ANDRE RIEU Happy Together CD + DVD NEW



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“Happy Together” is a wonderful and emotional “ode to joy”, celebrating the return to life, happiness and love!

For this new album André has personally chosen his favourite songs from all over the world, which will make his fans happier than ever. They can look forward to many classics and favourites from all over the world, like ‘You are my sunshine’, ‘Valencia’, ‘Estudiantina Waltz’, ‘Semper fidelis’, ‘Rosamunde’ and of course many fantastic waltzes.

With this new album the Dutch King of Waltz, who’s just received his 10th UK Gold Record, and whose albums have all reached the Top 10 Pop Charts will delight millions of fans around the world and in the UK once again!

“When my orchestra and I were finally able to get together again after more than one and a half year apart, we laughed and we cried and were full of emotions! My orchestra is my big family, and I think you will feel our joy and energy of being able to make music again. I hope my new album will make you very, very happy!” – Andre Rieu

CD/DVD Deluxe Double Set


  • 1. Semper Fidelis
  • 2. You Are My Sunshine
  • 3. Waves Of The Danube, ARV
  • 4. Happy Together
  • 5. Egyptian March, ARV
  • 6. Slavko Play For Us
  • 7. El Capitan
  • 8. Estudiantina
  • 9. Valencia
  • 10. Berliner Luft
  • 11. Wiyathul
  • 12. Circus Renz, ARV_09
  • 13. Maastricht, City Of Jolly Singers
  • 14. Skoda Lasky
  • 15. André Goes Marching On
  • 16. When I'm Sixty Four
  • 17. La Bamba
  • 18. Can't Help Falling In Love
  • 19. All My Life


  • 1. Happy Together
  • 2. Skoday Lasky
  • 3. Carnaval de Venice, ARV_10
  • 4. Ob blond, ob braun
  • 5. Perpetuum Mobile
  • 6. Zwei kleine Italiener
  • 7. When I'm Sixty Four
  • 8. Fächerpolonaise
  • 9. Second Waltz
  • 10. Light Cavalry, ARV_18
  • 11. Singing In The Rain
  • 12. Barcarole, ARV_14
  • 13. Storie di tutti i giorni
  • 14. Amigos Para Siempre
  • 15. Tutti Frutti
  • 16. Adieu, Little Captain Of My Heart
  • 17. Yours Forever



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