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RUSSELL MORRIS (Personally Signed) Ghosts & Legends: The Complete Blues Trilogy 3CD + DVD

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  1. Black Dog Blues
  2. The Big House
  3. Ballad Of Les Darcy
  4. Bout To Break
  5. Sharkmouth
  6. Walk My Blues
  7. The Drifter
  8. Squizzy
  9. The Bridge
  10. Money Don't Grow On Trees
  11. Big Red
  12. Mr Eternity


  1. Dexter's Big Tin Can
  2. Van Diemen's Land
  3. Sweetest Thing
  4. Birdsville
  5. Breaker Morant
  6. Loch Ard Gorge
  7. Burning Rodney
  8. The Witch Of Kings X
  9. Eureka
  10. Sandakan
  11. Slide On The River
  12. Lucy Mcbride
  13. Bendigo Rock
  14. Cobb & Co (Bonus Previously Unreleased Track)
  15. Refugee Born (Bonus Previously Unreleased Track)
  16. Steel Ships (Bonus Previously Unreleased Track)
  17. Van Diemen's Land (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Previously Unreleased Track)


  1. Cut You Loose
  2. I Go Around
  3. Bennelong
  4. Goanna Man
  5. Lonesome Road
  6. Alice
  7. Kadaitcha Man
  8. God Loves A Sinner
  9. Moondyne Joe
  10. Tiger Snake
  11. Ben Hall
  12. Pemulwuy
  13. Nullarbor Sand


  1. SHARKMOUTH: The Making of Sharkmouth (Documentary)
  2. SHARKMOUTH: Includes Live Performances of Black Dog Blues, The Big House, Sharkmouth, Walk My Blues and The Real Thing
  3. SHARKMOUTH: Black Dog Blues (Music Video)
  4. SHARKMOUTH: Big Red (Music Video)
  5. SHARKMOUTH: The Bridge (Music Video)
  6. VAN DIEMEN'S LAND: Van Diemen's Land (Music Video)
  7. VAN DIEMEN'S LAND: Album Track by Track Commentary
  8. VAN DIEMEN'S LAND: Eureka (Music Video)
  9. RED DIRT, RED HEART: Lonesome Road (Music Video)
  10. RED DIRT, RED HEART: Album Track by Track Commentary
  11. RED DIRT, RED HEART: Nullarbor Sand (Acoustic)
  12. MORE LEGENDS: Ed Nimmervoll with Russell Morris
  13. MORE LEGENDS: The Noise 11 Sessions with Paul Cashmere
  14. MORE LEGENDS: The Blues On The Hill Interviews with Barry Maxwel

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