Are the products brand new?

All of our products are brand new and sourced from Australian suppliers. 

Why wasn’t my item shrink-wrapped or plastic sealed?

Traditionally CD’s and DVD’s sold in Australia were not shrink-wrapped or plastic sealed because CD’s and DVD’s were often stored behind the counters of retail stores while the cases were put on the shelves.

How can I pay for my item?

We are currently only accepting payments processed through Paypal. You are able to pay direct with a credit card or use an existing account to complete payment this way.

Can I cancel my purchase and get a refund?

If your item hasn’t been shipped yet and you contact us we are able to offer a full refund for the purchase amount and postage.

If we have shipped your item a refund will not be issued until the item has been returned to us in its original packaging. Please note that if you return the item you will not be refunded for the postage and handling component of any money spent.

I received my item but it has a damaged case, can you help me?

Please contact us so that we can arrange a replacement case for you. Please send an email to us here.

Where is my item? It says it was posted 10 days ago.

We use Australia Post as our primary carrier and lodge mail with them daily. Usually customer’s receive their items promptly but occasionally there are issues.

We ask customers to check with their local Post Office in case the item could not be delivered and if it isn’t there to contact us here.

Is there a tracking number for my posted item?

Unless you selected Registered Post there is no tracking number available. 

If you did select registered post please contact us for the tracking number.