WOW Music

A$AP ROCKY At.Long.Last.A$Ap (Gold Series) CD NEW


  1. Holy Ghost (featuring Joe Fox)
  2. Canal St. (featuring Bones)
  3. Fine Whine (featuring Future, Joe Fox and M.I.A.)
  4. LSD
  5. Excuse Me
  6. JD
  7. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)
  8. Electric Body (featuring Schoolboy Q)
  9. Jukebox Joints (featuring Joe Fox and Kanye West)
  10. Max B (featuring Joe Fox)
  11. Pharsyde (featuring Joe Fox)
  12. Wavybone (featuring Juicy J and UGK)
  13. West Side Highway (featuring James Fauntleroy)
  14. Better Things
  15. M's (featuring Lil Wayne)
  16. Dreams (Interlude)
  17. Everyday (featuring Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson)
  18. Back Home (featuring Mos Def, Acyde and ASAP Yams)
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