Born in Bendigo, Victoria, Colleen Hewett began singing at the age of twelve. After a few years singing with various local groups, Colleen began to pursue a solo career in 1970, winning the Bandstand award for Best Female Newcomer of the Year.

Her big break came in 1971, when she joined the cast of the musical Godspell and issued the single Day By Day, which gave her a number one single, nationally. Established as the country’s foremost lead singer, Colleen consolidated her position by being awarded 1971’s Bandstand Best Female Singer award. The following year, after travelling to the UK and US, she was crowned TV Week’s Queen of Pop and named Best Female Singer by music paper Go Set.

A versatile performer, Colleen went on to star in the local production of the Who’s Rock Opera Tommy and shared the stage with John Farnham starring in the musical Pippin. As an actress, she was much acclaimed in her role in the ABC drama series The Truckies.

In 1982 Colleen signed with Avenue Records and issued the album Colleen, which picked up a couple of earlier singles and introduced The Wind Beneath My Wings, in a spectacular version of the song that predates Bette Midler’s hit by six years.

For this reissue of the Colleen album, we have reinstated the original eye-boggling cover and added several bonus tracks, not included on the LP.

01 When The Feeling Comes


02 Tell Me That You Love Me

03 The Wind Beneath My Wings

04 What Could You Know About


05 I Hope I Never

06 Hearts (Our Hearts)

07 Dreaming My Dreams With You

08 Since I Loved Like That

09 Gigolo

10 What If You Fell In Love

11 When I Dream

12 Motion


13 You Keep Walking Back

14 Sleepless Nights

15 Take Me In Your Arms

16 Constantly

17 If You Ever Feel The Need

18 Love Is Not Enough