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Five Seconds To Spare (DVD)

William (Max Beesley) is a young musician who dreams of making it big with his rock band The Alaska Factory. But his bandmates want him to write more commercial music, and their frightening record producer Vincent (Ray Winstone) seems to be sliding further into drug-crazed instability. William's meanwhile witnesses the bizarre death of a fellow musician--a murder seemingly committed by a pair of dwarves. William must piece together the connections between Vincent, the murder, and a 1970s punk band called The Dwarves of Death. Based on the bestselling cult novel by Jonathan Coe

Starrring Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast, The Departed), Max Beesley (Hotel Babylon, Survivors), Kris Marshall (Love Actually), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings).

Length – 99mins
Country of Origin – UK
Director – Tom Connolly
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