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FOOTLOOSE Get Up And Dance Collection DVD NEW

REGION: DVD: 4 (AU, NZ, Latin America...)

When streetwise teenager Ren MacCormack moves from Chicago to a small Midwestern town to finish high school, he?s in for a rude awakening. Not only is he an outsider, but the two things he lives for, music and dancing, have been outlawed by the local government. Now Ren must lead the fight for the right to be himself and win his friends and classmates a real senior prom! So begins the story of one of the most fun films of all time! In 1984, Footloose danced into our hearts and launched the careers of Kevin Bacon, Chris Penn and Sarah Jessica Parker. With multiple Academy Award? and Golden Globe? nominations, two of the songs from the soundtrack hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. An exciting reflection of ?80s attitude and style, this lighthearted masterpiece set the standard for teen drama that still has an effect on our culture to this day. If you?ve ever been a teenager, Footloose will take you back to that time of crazy ideas, wild emotions an unadulterated fun!