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GREEN HORNET STRIKES AGAIN, THE: Warren Hull, Wade Boteler, Keye Luke 2DVD NEW

2DVD 293mins 


George W. Trendle's original masked crime fighter returns to the screen in this exciting follow-up to the 1940 serial presentation - gripping from one nailbiting cliffhanger to the next.


Continuing the tradition established in the earlier serial, intrepid newspaper man Britt Reid's (Warren Hull) alias The Green Hornet battles the forces of evil in a crime fighting odyssey that takes him from his vacation in Hawaii back to the seedy underbelly of the city. Once again aided by his trusty sidekick/inventor Kato (Keye Luke) the two men delve into the depths of darkness, with each foray a step closer to discovering the identity of syndicate mastermind - Grogan.


Trailblazing in style and dynamics The Green Hornet Strikes Again is a classic presentation of a timeless and electrifying hero in 15 all-new exciting chapters.


Special Features

•2 radio episodes of The Green Hornet

•Before and after Restoration example

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