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IL VOLO Sings Morricone CD


1. Ecstasy of Gold - from The Good The Bad and The Ugly
2. Your love – from Once Upon A Time In The West
3. Nella Fantasia – from The Mission feat. Andrea Griminelli
4. Metti una sera a cena from Metti una sera a cena
5. Se - from Cinema Paradiso feat. HAUSER
6. La Califfa – from La Califfa feat. David Garrett
7. Conradiana – from Nostromo
8. E più ti penso - from Once Upon A Time In America / Malèna
9. Se telefonando
10. Come sail away feat. Chris Botti
11. Would he even know me now? - from Cinema Paradiso
12. Amalia por amor
13. Here’s to you - from Sacco & Vanzetti
14. I colori dell’amore