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LOU REED Perfect Day: The Best Of 2CD NEW

Track Listing


Disc 1

1. Perfect Day

2. Walk On The Wild Side

3. Satellite Of Love

4. Vicious

5. Berlin

6. Men Of Good Fortune

7. Rock And Roll Heart

8. The Gun

9. I Love You, Suzanne

10. Caroline Says Ii

11. Sally Can't Dance

12. My Friend George

13. I Want To Boogie With You

14. Ocean

15. The Last Shot

16. Lisa Says

17. I Wanna Be Black

18. Coney Island Baby


Disc 2

1. How Do You Speak To An Angel

2. Think It Over

3. Growing Up In Public

4. Downtown Dirt

5. Real Good Time Together

6. A Gift

7. Kill Your Sons

8. Temporary Thing

9. Wild Child (Remastered January 2000)

10. White Light / White Heat

11. Legendary Hearts

12. How Do You Think It Feels

13. Vicious Circle

14. Leave Me Alone

15. Lady Day

16. Sad Song

17. Make Up

18. High In The City



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