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REG LINDSAY From The Hand Of Reg Lindsay CD NEW


  1. Forget The Gate
  2. Things Have Been Coming Good
  3. Country All The Way
  4. Special Kind Of Love
  5. Looking At A Loser
  6. Todays Like Yesterday
  7. Beautiful Memories And Beautiful Dreams
  8. Chainsaw
  9. Dont Act The Big Star With Me
  10. Loves All This Cowboy Can Give
  11. The Ray Hermann Song
  12. This Old Cowboy
  13. Before The Dawn
  14. The Fires Still Burning
  15. Silence On The Line (Duet With Jodie Crosby)(Bonus Track)
  16. Bonhams Last Ride(Duet With John Guthrie)(Bonus Track)
  17. Armstrong (Bonus Track
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