WOW Music


Disc 1

  1. Get Pucked You Crunt
  2. Some Queensland Cops Need Ring Repair After Inmate Abuse
  3. Imaginary Roots, Or Pork Sword Dreaming
  4. Banished To The Soggy Bits, Or Holiday At Wet Patch
  5. Rodney Rude Very Funny Loud Mouth Punter Becomes Buttock Hole
  6. Power Points And Nuggets
  7. Soiled Undies
  8. My Brother Load
  9. Condiment On Your Equine Excrement Or Oral Manure Removal
  10. Big Noah Samples Power Point Sack
  11. I May Not Be A Wog But I Look Like One
  12. Me Hangin' Out Of Ya
  13. Wear A Black Condom My Wife Died
  14. Bald Headed Man With One Eye Exudes Flatulence
  15. Midget Sticks His Digit In A Ladies Idget
  16. Fat Ladies And Buckets
  17. Lay On Your Back Prime Minister
  18. Detective Kuntz, Load Connoisseur
  19. So Far Up Ya You Can Only See My Hat
  20. A Load On Jackson
  21. Granny Impersonates A Turkey - And Gobbles
  22. Harry's Doodle Gets Manipulated
  23. Celebrity Pox Jockeys
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