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The Black Godfather (DVD)

Charles (Marlo Monte) a small time dope dealer gets busted by an obsessive, racist cop who almost completely castrates him. Abandoned by his friends and scapegoated by the authorities, Charles serves three horrible years in solitary confinement before he is paroled. Charles gets a much different “welcome home” than the one he expected. His best friend has stolen his girl and put her to work as a stripper and his innocent younger brother now belongs to a gang. In the meantime, Charles notices that he’s more than recovered from his injuries – his manhood has achieved unheard of lengths! His inability to find a job and the memory of his mutilation whittles away a Charles’ sanity and he gradually becomes consumed with a need for vengeance. But this is no ordinary kind of vengeance – this is SOUL VENGEANCE! Using his new power, Charles can mesmerise the wives of his victims, compelling them to do anything he demands. ANYTHING. This is one weapon that has to be seen to be believed!

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