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The Fabulous Flag Sisters (DVD)

Tito Le Duc (a Mexican), Mauro Bronchi (an Italian) and Neil Hansen (a boy from Perth) were three men in drag who gave one of the world's most Catholic nations something to smile about at a time when Italy was on the verge of a breakdown, suffering tremendous social and political unrest.

Irreverent, sexy and outrageous, they were Le Sorelle Bandiera: The Flag Sisters. The Vatican was little pleased, but nevertheless the Flag Sisters fame grew. Their appearance in films and on primetime television coupled with the exploits of their national tours fuelled the popular press of 1977.

Thirty years later, The Flag Sisters live on. Their clips are regularly played on television, their music on radio and they are considered national treasures by many of those who experienced their artistry. Through reunions and interviews, and the extensive use of archival television and film footage, The Fabulous Flag Sisters is not only a candid exploration of the drag phenomenon but a revealing record of Italy's turbulent years, when a conservative society was confronted and transformed.
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