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What in the World is Feng Shui? (DVD)

As one of the East's oldest and most respected philosophies, Feng Shui continues to grow as a major influence in Western culture with multinational corporations and everyday people embracing its ideology into their daily lives.

But what in the World is Feng Shui? Is it science or showmanship? Is it feasible to believe that our lives will be more prosperous and harmonious by following a set of philosophical design principles or is there true substance to be found in its practice?

This unique DVD explores these questions and many more as both Asian and Western practitioners explain the history, science, tools and applications - both physical and metaphysical - of Feng Shui in today's busy world.

Boasting exclusive DVD features, What in the World is Feng Shui? is your personal how-to guide filled with helpful tips on incorporating Feng Shui into your everyday life to achieve personal balance and harmonious living in today's hectic world.
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