WOW Music



Track Listing

  1. Universal Radio
  2. Going Slow
  3. Patina
  4. Weetbix
  5. Graves
  6. Avalanche
  7. Bonus Tracks:

  8. Black Magic Woman (live 1974)
  9. Marc Hunter Single

  10. X-Ray Creature
  11. Dinghy Days


Universal Radio is archetypal progressive rock right down to the cover art - Todd s remarkable bass playing dominates, ably assisted by Goodwin's fluid guitar and Thompson's swathes of keyboards. And, vocally, with contributions from Marc, Todd and Goodwin, there is little to suggest the latter pop style. The album was well received and by the end of 1974 Dragon had become the top live attraction in New Zealand.

After one further Vertigo album (Scented Gardens For The Blind), Dragon made the move to Australia and with more line-up changes, settled on the second stage of their careers.

Included are 3 bonus tracks: a rare live version of the Peter Green classicBlack Magic Woman and the even rarer pre-Dragon Marc Hunter solo singleX-Ray Creature / Dinghy Days .

Package Contents

Packaged in a 6 panel digi-pak, with extensive liner notes from music journalist and author David Nichols (writer of The Go-Betweens ). The 24 page booklet has many previously unpublished photographs and the CD has been digitally remastered by Gil Matthews

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