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GOT THE BUG Bugz In The Attic Remixes Collection 2CD NEW

Disk 1

1.       My Desires (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Amira

2.       When I See You (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Macy Gray

3.       Say How I Feel (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Rhian Benson

4.       Looking For Love (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Victor Duplaix

5.       Hold It Down (Bugz In Attic Remix)

6.       Rain (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Gaelle

7.        In My Bed (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Amy Winehouse

8.       Distractions (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Zero 7

9.       I Believe In You (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Amp Fiddler

10.       Mwela (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Jazzanova

11.      I Am The Road (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Marcus Enochson

12.      Rainfall (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Nitin Sawhney

13.      Los Amitos Latin Funk Love Song (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Gene Harris

14.      La La (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Bugz In The Attic


Disk 2

1.       Waiting (Bugz In Attic Remix) - Bugz In The Attic

2.       Say How I Feel (Bugz Mix) - Rhian Benson

3.       My Desires (Bugz Mix) - Amira

4.       Waiting (Bugz Mix) - Bugz In The Attic

5.       I Am The Road (Bugz Mix) - Marcus Enochson

6.       When I See You (Bugz Mix) - Macy Gray

7.       La La (Bugz Mix) - Bugz In The Attic

8.       Hold It Down (Bugz Mix)

9.       In My Bed (Bugz Mix) - Amy Winehouse

10.      I Believe (Bugz Mix) - Amp Fiddler

11.      Rainfall (Bugz Mix) - Nitin Sawhney

12.      Mwela (Bugz Mix) - Jazzanova

13.      Looking For Love (Bugz Mix) - Victor Duplaix

14.      Rain (Bugz Mix) – Gaelle

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