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MORO NO BRASIL The Sound Of Brazil - Mika Kaurismaki DVD NEW

'Moro no Brasil ' is a musical road movie, a stirring and passionate documentary by the Finnish director, Mika Kaurismki, about the diversity of Brazilian music ' far beyond Samba and Bossa Nova. Kaurismki 's musical journey in 'Moro no Brasil ' covers 4000 km, with stopovers in Pernambuco, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, three Brazilian states which symbolise the diversity of music styles with Frevo, Maracatu, Coco, Embolada, Forr and Samba. 'Moro no Brasil ' ' 'I live in Brazil ' ' confesses Kaurismki. More than ten years ago, he found his second home in Brazil and the musical richness of the country fascinated him. His selection of musicians and styles is very personal, it concentrates on street musicians and transmits the authenticity and zest of the people in his chosen home. Brazilian music is as multicultural as the influences which have formed the country since it was discovered over 500 years ago. The indigenous origins, as well as the cultural traditions of the African and European immigrants, are reflected in the diversity of instruments, the rhythms and musical styles in this huge country with its population of 170 million. 'Moro no Brasil ' is a journey of discovery in which Kaurismki with much knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm travels from place to place to meets men, women, children, singers and dancers. The film, with stirring and emotional pictures, shows the influence of music from childhood onwards for in Brazil music belongs to daily life, is a spontaneous expression of the emotions. The film was shot during a long hot summer. Evocative landscapes which inspired the poets and writers of the country, give 'Moro no Brasil ' a particular magic. Not only the musical richness, the colourful costumes, but also the spontaneity, the zest and the equanimity of the people in 'Moro no Brasil ' make Kaurismki 's documentary a film for hearts and minds. SPECIAL FEATURES: Bonus material: - Carnival footage (8 min) - Capoeira footage (3 min) - Interview with Mika Kaurismki in German (english subtitles)

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