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Nite Tales: Trilogy Hosted by Flavor Flav (DVD)


Flavor Flav hosts a shockingly twisted double-feature horror extravaganza.

Nite Tales, The film is coming and there is no escape! Horror, torture and fear takes on a whole new meaning this time! Two evil stories rolled into one intense film...

Watch as a young group of college students wait out an intense "Storm" in their parents' house. As the rain falls harder and harder, the night gets stranger and stranger. On this night the storm will soon pass, but the killings are just the beginning. Suddenly a knock at the door reveals a strange visitor, a clown who is trying to find shelter from the rain. Letting him in is a decision that will cost them their lives!

Our second tale introduces us to four bank robbers who all have an extreme appetite for violence. But when a simple bank heist backfires, thousands of dollars in stolen money won’t be enough to buy their freedom. The night turns into a struggle for life, as something more evil than themselves and with an even bigger appetite for violence emerges. On this night, "Karma" will be served on a silver platter!

Director by James Boss and starring James Boss, Gary Kohn (Reservation Road), Michael Teh (10 Seconds to Midnight), John Klemantaski (Chrysalis).

EXTRAS Making Of Featurette (40mins)

Production Year2010
Length 91mins
Rated M
Country of Origin USA
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