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PARTY'S OVER, THE: Exposing American Democracy - Philip Seymour Hoffman DVD NEW

Last Party 2000 is a feature-length documentary that explores the state of democracy in America while chronicling the extraordinary 2000 United States Presidential Election. Hosted by one of America's most talented actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman (LOVE LIZA, 25TH HOUR, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, RED DRAGON), Last Party 2000 takes us on a journey deep into the belly of the phenomenon we call "American politics". Much more than a play-by-play of the major party campaigns and their candidates, Last Party 2000 confronts the important issues and gives a voice to the people that didn't make the headlines. With a fresh, irreverent style, Last Patry 2000's director's, Donovan Leitch and Rebecca Chaikin provide a smart and entertaining alternative to the overly sanitized press coverage. By juxtaposing what happened in the streets with what happened on the political stage, Last Party 2000 reveals a gulf between campaign rhetoric and reality. Phil Hoffman is an articulate, intelligent and passionate artist who, in committing his considerable energy and faculty as the "host" of Last Party 2000, brings a dynamic and attractive presence tot he film. Live Performances by: Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, Willie Nelson, Eddie Vedder, Bare Naked Ladies, Melissa Etheridge.

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