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ROSS RYAN The Difficult Third Compilation 1973-2008 CD NEW


Track Listing

    1. Queensland
    2. Blue Chevrolet Ballerina
    3. I Don't Want To Know About It
    4. Goodbye Mitchy
    5. The Last Time I Called
    6. Orchestra Ladies
    7. 606
    8. I Am Pegasus
    9. Cool River
    10. Nobody's Baby
    11. Anthem
    12. Chaplin & Harlow
    13. Postcard From Berlin
    14. Postmark Paradise
    15. Empire Lady
    16. Sedel (Never Smiled At Me)
    17. To Be Alone With You
    18. Walk On Water
    19. Connie

    Package Contents

    Compiled by Ross and his longterm fan base, The Difficult Third Compilation features tracks from all six of of his albums: A Poem You CanKeep, My Name Means Horse, After The Applause, Smiling For The Camera, The Lost Ross Ryan Album, and One Person Queue.

    There is also a new track specially recorded for this release: 'Queensland'. This is a perfect starting point for the Ross Ryan novice and expert alike, as many of these tracks appear on CD for the first time. Anyone familiar with Ryan's two big 1970's hits: 'I Am Pegasus' and 'Blue Chevrolet Ballerina', will not be disappointed - as both are featured here but there's also a wealth of fan faves ('Sedel (Never Smiled At Me)', 'Orchestra Ladies', '606', 'Goodbye Mitchy' etc.) as well.

    Package Contents

    Accompanied with booklet photos of Ross Ryan through the years and liner notes. Digitally re-mastered by Gill Mathews.

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