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Shooting Livien (DVD)

For the Love of Rock'n'Roll! A dark psychological drama, 'Shooting Livien' explores the inner psyche of John Livien, a disillusioned New York musician who deals with a childhood trauma by claiming an alter ego. His band on the brink of success, fantasy becomes dangerously blurred with reality as Livien struggles with his identity crisis. At the peak of his insanity Livien decides to take his dementia to the furthest reaches.Livien remembers listening to one Beatles song over and over but he can't remember which song it was. As a child, his mother had told him that he would, one day, "make music that will change the world" just like he (John Lennon) did. Now, Livien has a nameless band and plays Beatlesesque songs that have no titles. His best friend and the band's bass player Owen [Dominic Monaghan] complains that it makes writing up a play-list really difficult and even though an agent [Ally Sheedy] is interested in representing them, Livien balks at song titles and band names. Then, when a fan, Emi [Sarah Wynter] enters his life, he falls in love and they marry. 'Shooting Livien' is a tale that deals with the free will-destiny debate. As we learn more about Livien's past, some of his actions become But is Livien fated to act out bizarre situations, or is he choosing to do so? Is his music the result of genuine talent, or is it just fate writing, singing and playing through his fingers?

Rebecca Cook

Jason Behr, Dominic Monaghan, Joshua Leonard, Sarah Wynter, Ally Sheedy

Year 2005
Catalogue Number 198554
Running Time 90 mins
Rating M
Format Unknown
Special Features Directors Statement
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL
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