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SMOKIE Needles & Pin Best Of Smokie (36 Classic trcks inc Stumblin' In) 2CD NEW


  1. If You Think You Know How to Love Me
  2. Living Next Door to Alice
  3. It's Your Life
  4. Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll to Me
  5. Needles and Pins
  6. Oh Carol
  7. Wild Wild Angels
  8. Something's Been Making Me Blue
  9. Stumblin' In
  10. For a Few Dollars More
  11. Mexican Girl
  12. Don't Turn out Your Light
  13. We're Flyin' High
  14. Julia
  15. When My Back Was Against the Wall
  16. Sunshine Avenue
  17. Daydreamin'
  18. The Girl Can't Help It
  19. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
  20. I'll Meet You at Midnight
  21. Oh Well, Oh Well
  22. Pass It Around
  23. Headspin
  24. It's Natural
  25. Changing All the Time
  26. Will You Love Me
  27. Little Lucy
  28. It Makes Me Money
  29. Light up My Life
  30. Liverpool Docks
  31. Walk Right Back
  32. The Dancer
  33. What Can I Do? (Live)
  34. In the Heat of the Night (Live)
  35. A Day at the Mother-in-Law's
  36. Living Next Door to Alice (Live)
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