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Super Flu - Race Against A Killer (DVD)

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Can we survive? Are you prepared? This timely documentary explains and educates us on exactly what dangers we face during the approaching Bird Fly pandemic. Offering a rare insight into the World Health Organizations viral 'War Room' and made specifically for Australian audiences with the aid of National Geographic, SUPER FLU is the definitive guide to protecting you and your family against a global plague. Features a frightening dramatization of the probable consequences of a full scale outbreak of the Bird Flu Pandemic in Australia.

Andrew Ogilvie

Year 2005
Catalogue Number 198489
Running Time 52 mins
Rating E
Aspect Ratio Unknown
Special Features A How To Guide on: Symptoms, Cause and Prevention of Bird Flu, Gallery, Facts & Figures, Map of Bird Flu outbreaks.
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL




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