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TAMMY WYNETTE The Essential Tammy Wynette 2CD NEW


  1. Apartment #9
  2. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  3. My Elusive Dreams
  4. I Don't Wanna Play House
  5. Take Me to Your World
  6. D-I-V-O-R-C-E
  7. Stand by Your Man
  8. Singing My Song
  9. Too Far Gone
  10. The Ways to Love a Man
  11. I'll See Him Through
  12. He Loves Me All the Way
  13. Run, Woman, Run
  14. The Wonders You Perform
  15. We Sure Can Love Each Other
  16. Good Lovin' (Makes It Right)
  17. Take Me
  18. Bedtime Story
  19. Reach out Your Hand
  20. My Man (Understands)
  21. 'Til I Get It Right
  22. Kids Say the Darndest Things
  23. Another Lonely Song
  24. Woman to Woman
  25. (You Make Me Want to Be) A Mother
  26. I Still Believe in Fairy Tales
  27. 'Til I Can Make It on My Own
  28. Golden Ring
  29. You and Me
  30. Let's Get Together (One Last Time)
  31. One of a Kind
  32. Womanhood
  33. They Call It Making Love
  34. No One Else in the World
  35. Crying in the Rain
  36. Another Chance
  37. Sometimes When We Touch
  38. Your Love
  39. Talkin' to Myself Again
  40. That's the Way It Could Have Been
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