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THANKS FOR LISTENING The History Of Australian Radio feat. Bob Rogers (2 DVD)

This wonderfully nostalgic five part history of Australian radio is hosted by Mike Hammond and features interviews with more than 100 of Australia's biggest radio names past and present including Alan Jones, Tony Pilkington, Merrick and Rosso and Gary OCallaghan. Produced by Graham McNeice Productions (Crime Investigation Australia), the series includes a multitude of great Australian radio moments and in-depth interviews that examine the impact radio has had on the lives of everyday Australians since its introduction in the 1920s including everything from the early days of radio dramas and comedies, the success of the radio quiz genre as well as the emergence of sport, music and talk back radio. Some of the countries best loved voices will take viewers on a nostalgic journey from the days of radio plays and comedies to the vast array of radio stars now heard every day all around the country.

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