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Undersea Homes (DVD)

This fascinating film reveals the captivating secret lives of fishes and where and how they live in the ocean. Featuring fish that build their own homes, creatures that live on others and some that even adapt human rubbish to provide safe undersea homes.

The subjects covered in Undersea Homes range from the tiniest macro creatures to the greatest ocean roaming giants. But the real star of the films is the octopus. Their amazing creative skills truly win them the title of ultimate undersea home builders!

Produced from footage gathered over 15 years roaming every corner of the planet�s oceans, this film is truly global in it's scope, showcasing creatures and behaviour never previously filmed. A completely fresh look at the undersea world and its bizarre creatures - you will think very differently of fish after watching this film! Winner of the prestigious Prix Brigitte Cruickshank Award.

Year 2003
DVD Release Date September 6, 2008
Catalogue Number 198714
Running Time 52 mins
Rating G
Media DVD
Special Features None
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL
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